What is inodes in Web Hosting?

In a file system, an inode (short for index node) is a data structure used to store information about a file or directory. Each inode contains information such as the file type, ownership and permissions, timestamps, and pointers to the blocks of data that make up the file's content.

When it comes to web hosting, the number of inodes available to a user is often limited by the hosting provider. This is because each inode takes up a small amount of disk space, and hosting providers need to manage their disk usage efficiently.


If a user exceeds their allotted number of inodes, they may encounter an "accessed inodes" issue. This means that they have hit their inode limit and can no longer create new files or directories on their hosting account.

To fix an accessed inodes issue, the user may need to either delete some of their existing files or directories, or upgrade to a hosting plan with a higher inode limit. It's also important to regularly clean up unnecessary files and directories to avoid running into inode limitations in the future.

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